Outervan will provide unforgettable, effortless and “hand-crafted” campervan rental experiences in the California Bay Area for outdoor novices and enthusiasts alike, allowing anyone the opportunity to get outside, explore and be spontaneous without the need to pack, plan or simply think too hard.


Chris Lyle



Lindsey Lyle



The story behind Outervan is one that is deeply intertwined with my own personal journey. When asked to describe myself I often times lean on "I am a spontaneous adventurer with a knack for responsibility". A personal description that has presented itself time and time again at different life stages in my life. It typically starts with this indescribable desire for big adventures and ends with a much toned down version of a part of that adventure.

In college, I was always dreaming of “taking off” and living an unconventional life on the road. Spare time was spent reading things like, "Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel" and "Rough Guide to the First Time Around the World". I even took travel media classes at Matador Network's University in an attempt to become a travel writer. Yet I could never quite pull the trigger, instead post-college I took the "responsible" route -- took off to Southeast Asia for the summer, came back and got a corporate job.

A year or two in, I began to feel antsy and started searching the depths of the internet for experiences, day trips, weekend trips that would get my (now) husband and me outside -- trying new things, pushing comfort zones and simply exploring our own backyard. I took it to an extreme and even curated a list of adventures, instead of plates and bath towels, for our friends and family to gift us at our wedding.

A year after our wedding one of those very adventures dropped us into Vanlife. I grew up camping and RV’ing with my parents, but it was on this campervan trip, that Chris and I discovered our passion for Vanlife. We became obsessed with the ideals, the photos, the dream and toyed around with dropping everything, building our own and hitting the open road. But, once again my knack for responsibility kicked in and we decided against it.

Post 'vanlife' trip we would find ourselves searching for yet another opportunity to experience that vanlife, even if only for a weekend, but the campervan rentals we found did not look like the ones we’d seen on Instagram and to our surprise they didn’t really exist — and the idea of Outervan was born.

We started Outervan because we want to encourage those of us who may be intrigued but intimidated by the outdoors to go explore their backyards. To empower those of us who can think of nothing more, but where and what their next adventure will be.

Outervan is our way of enabling anyone who wants to get lost, but -- also wants to find their way home again.

Lindsey Lyle